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Root Realty Apartment Managers

The apartment rental business can be a lucrative investment if you’re smart about your approach. But it’s a complex undertaking that requires careful consideration of market trends, tenant satisfaction, and building maintenance. In order to maximize returns on your investments, it’s crucial to work with a Chicago property management company that has the expertise and experience you need.

The team at Root Realty apartment managers understands the importance of providing a comfortable living environment for tenants. Their comprehensive property management services include maximizing occupancy levels, setting competitive rental rates, screening potential tenants, collecting rent, financial statement preparation, legal issue handling, maintenance, and other important tasks. Their goal is to help their clients get the most out of their investments without the hassles and headaches of daily management.

One of the key factors in achieving the highest lease renewal rates is having a thorough tenant screening process. The staff at Root Realty takes the time to review each tenant’s background, credit history, employment, and previous landlord references. They also make sure to follow local regulations when it comes to housing standards and safety measures. By doing so, they can ensure the safety of their tenants and maintain a high standard of quality for their properties.

Working with a professional property management company in Chicago can free you from the responsibilities and stress of managing an investment property. A reputable property management firm will handle all aspects of your apartment building, from maintenance and financial management to marketing and leasing. They can even take care of insurance claims and renovations. They can also offer a full suite of services for condo and HOA property management.

The team at Root Realty has been making real estate investing simple since 1983. They provide best-in-class, fully integrated services from initial investment suggestions to the sale of buildings and development sites. They manage residential, commercial, and multifamily properties in Irving Park, Lakeview, Bucktown, Lincoln Square, Ravenswood, and Wrigleyville. Their expert team can also assist with investment property sales and lease negotiations.