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A Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help You Get the Money You Deserve

If you or someone you love has been injured by a medical mistake, it can feel devastating. You may be in physical pain, facing massive bills for treatment or lost wages, and suffering emotional distress. Fortunately, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Phil Russotti is a NYC Medical malpractice lawyer with the experience and track record to help you get the money you deserve.

There are many parties who could be held liable for your losses from medical malpractice. These can include hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacies, physical therapists, chiropractors, and more. Your attorney will work diligently to gather and review all available information about your case, including medical records. They will also work with expert witnesses to ensure that your claim has a strong foundation.

The first step in a medical malpractice lawsuit is to establish that the medical professional(s) owed you a duty of care. This means that they had a responsibility to provide you with the level of care that a medical professional of their experience and qualifications would have provided in similar circumstances. Your lawyer will need to prove that they did not meet this standard and that their negligence directly led to your injuries.

It is also important to determine whether your medical injury or illness was caused by the medical professional(s)’ actions or a combination of factors, such as pre-existing conditions that were exacerbated by the defendant’s action. This can reduce the amount of damages you receive, since your attorneys will need to prove that the injury or illness is related to the defendant’s actions and not a result of some other cause.

In some cases, the negligence of a medical professional leads to death. This can be a cause of wrongful death, which can also lead to substantial monetary compensation. Our attorneys have successfully obtained significant wrongful death settlements for clients, including one for $16,000,000.

If your claim involves malpractice in childbirth, you may be able to seek compensation for birth injury and/or other resulting damages. If your infant was delivered prematurely and suffered severe brain damage as a result, Phil Russotti can assist you in pursuing the damages you deserve.

Another common type of malpractice claims involves a surgical error that causes injuries such as paralysis, traumatic brain injury, or permanent disfigurement. Phil Russotti has won substantial settlements for clients who have been severely injured by these types of errors, including one client who was awarded a guaranteed payout of $2,300,000.

As with all lawsuits, it takes time to pursue medical malpractice claims. It is important to contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible after the incident to ensure that the statute of limitations does not expire. In New York, the statute of limitations is 2.5 years from the date of your last treatment. This is a shorter time frame than many other states, but it is still a tight deadline.